Things I am working on

Inspired by Karlene’s question about what inspires me and Amelia’s post on making Alive decisions. Both posts appeared on the same day (13 Feb 2012). It’s a sign for sure.

I mentioned to Karlene that I needed to get an accomplishment or two completed to “get things rolling”. After posting that I thought, it is true that I accomplished a lot in the past and feel like I have been put accomplishments on hold. Then I really started to think that I’m not being aware enough of my current self or giving enough credit to accomplishments made in the past year. I have a lot going on. Therefore, I should have accomplishments at least monthly, if not weekly, or daily. So I thought I needed to make a list and try to keep it up to date (consider it an accomplishment to have made the list and for each update).



Aviation projects

Activity Status Accomplished On
Get a private pilot certificate Done Dec 1995
Complete my BFR (after 12 year break) Done June 2011
Get current on my daytime landings in progress 2 landings, one more to go (as of Feb 2012)
Get instrument rating Goal: mid 2013
Fly at least 3 hours a month (at least 2 separate times a month)
Complete a balsa model (C150). In progress


Home projects

Activity Status Accomplished On


Health projects


Activity Status Accomplished On
Work out 3 times a week In progress
Get weight to between 190 and 185 lbs in progress, 7 lbs more to go
Get cholesterol in balance (looking good a year ago, need to re-test) Goal: May 2012

CAP projects


Activity Status Accomplished On
Create an Aerospace Activity Day program for Squadron 85 Civil Air Patrol Done (needs refinement, ongoing) Kicked off Jan 2012, Activity #2 to be on 25 Feb, 2012
Get signed off (and comfortable) on the C172S In progress
Get signed off to fly the CAP 182 (steam gauges) Goal: end of 2013
Get signed off to fly the CAP 182 (G1000) Goal: end of 2014
Complete CAP Aerospace Education progress report Goal: May 2012
Get CAP technicians rating for Cadet programs In progress Goal: Jun 2012
Get CAP technicians rating for Aerospace education In progress Goal Jun 2012
Complete the move of the SQ 85 website content Goal: 1 Mar 2012
Review and Update GS SOP Goal: 15 Mar 2012


Activity Status Accomplished On
Journal weekly (blog doesn’t count)
Learn WordPress better and organize my categories
Brush up on my Math skills and review fluid dynamics book


Activity Status Accomplished On