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How my view of the world changed

Previously I wrote about the rescue of Marcus Luttrell from the perspective of the pilot that picked him up. It changed the way I view training, the process of building skills, and keeping skills current. I also now think differently … Continue reading

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One and Done

Since the original purpose of this blog was to track my progress on getting back into flying, I should probably update how my last BFR went. My BFR was due Jun 2013. I didn’t get around to it. My previous … Continue reading

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Filling the gap

Filling the gap. Gaps in life seem to be a common theme for me lately. There hasn’t been a blog update in about 6 months. I haven’t flown in about a year. My BFR expired in June 2013 and I … Continue reading

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Instrument rating – Lesson 1

Last night I had my first official instrument flying lesson.  It went quite well. It was interesting that is was also my first night landing in over 13 years. That went well too. I was looking for an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Flight to the mountains

I went on a trip with an instructor to Truckee (KTRK) and South Lake Tahoe (KTVL) from Placerville (KPVF) earlier this week. We left about 9:30 am and arrived back at KPVF just before noon. No time to stop and … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on a plan

I’ve been taking an instrument ground school for the past 4 weeks or so. It has been a good feeling to get into the training mode. Kid and Civil Air Patrol stuff have been time consumers. I took a stage … Continue reading

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More About Me

Not much to add. I updated my about page. It has a little more about my history and a mention of appreciation to my support network.  In particular, I’d like to thank bloggers Karlene and Amelia. Your openness to share your experiences and … Continue reading

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