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My second day flying

After getting past the strange feeling of flying alone, I figured my next milestone is to do a cross-country. I had asked my instructor a couple of weeks ago where he sends his students for their solo cross-country. He said he … Continue reading

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Soloing for the second time

Sunday July 3, 2011 was what I considered the second time I soloed. Of course I had flown solo 12 years ago. This past Sunday was the first time after my BFR. When my instructor signed me off, I wondered … Continue reading

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I’m current

This evening I flew with my instructor and at the end of the flight, he signed off my BFR. I am now VFR daytime current. I’ll tackle night flight when we aren’t so close to the longest day of the … Continue reading

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You’re close

“You’re close”. Those were the words my instructor said to me when I asked (for budgeting reasons) where I was in the process of getting signed off. I’ll get back to that in a bit. Let me recap the last … Continue reading

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Stayed close to home base tonight

Eleven takeoffs and landings. The first time around was a little rough. Tonight was the first time we had a crosswind to deal with. Not much wind but enough to feel it and need to manage it. The second trip … Continue reading

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My first passenger and a change in plans

The original intent was to fly to the nearest Class D airport, maybe do a few landings, return to our home field and on the way practice a few other maneuvers completing with a few rounds in the pattern.  Another … Continue reading

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Twelve years to the day

My log book shows my last fight before my big break was June 7, 1999. The entry after that is June 7, 2011. I started flying again twelve years to the day after my last flight. Is that significant? In … Continue reading

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