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More About Me

Not much to add. I updated my about page. It has a little more about my history and a mention of appreciation to my support network.  In particular, I’d like to thank bloggers Karlene and Amelia. Your openness to share your experiences and … Continue reading

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I’m building a plane

For years I marveled at the people who build their own airplane and fly in it. I never thought of myself as having the patience. It sounds like it can take three to five years on average to take that first … Continue reading

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Here we go again

Back to regaining skills acquired and lost. Until yesterday, I haven’t flown since September 2011. I forget the exact date (logbook not with me now) but let’s say it was late September. That means it has been about 3 and … Continue reading

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Please stay out of the trees.

John King of the famed Kings Schools which offers many aviation training videos has a common way of closing his video “By all means, stay out of the trees”. I forgot to provide similar advice to my 11 year old son … Continue reading

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It took a lot of time

If I have to summarize what I decided would be my next steps, I’d have to say I focused on CAP cadet programs. I did go to the PCAM and CCA  airshows with the cadets. I took over the position … Continue reading

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Next phase?

Having been a little more than a month since my BFR, I have thought about what is next for my flying and for this blog. I have a lot of aviation related topics happening each week. Last April/May my 12 … Continue reading

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Why I love the airport

Last October when I attended an EAA meeting at KPVF, I went and joined because I love the ambiance of the airport. Today was a stellar day at the airport. It was hot but a little breeze helped manage the … Continue reading

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