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One and Done


Since the original purpose of this blog was to track my progress on getting back into flying, I should probably update how my last BFR went. My BFR was due Jun 2013. I didn’t get around to it. My previous flying was Feb 2013. The family activities and joining the AF Reserve kept me pretty busy. My medical expired in May 2013.

I renewed my medical in Dec 2013. I didn’t know when I would get around to the BFR. I figured I had to take small steps in order to keep motivated. I tried scheduling a BFR in Feb 2014. The flight school I was using had experienced some changes in the previous year. They also had a fair number of students making it harder to schedule a plane and instructor during a time that would work for me.

I decided I had to look at a another route to get it done. I went to another airport which rented planes about $15 an hour more than my preferred airport. It didn’t matter. I had to get it done. I scheduled a flight the first weekend in April 2014.

Since it had been so long, I thought I would need at least two lessons before the instructor would sign me off. We met and did the ground portion. It was a couple of hours of discussion. Good review. Then we flew. A few of the standard steep turns, stalls and emergency procedures. We went to Sacramento international and did a few laps in the pattern. The landings weren’t too bad. After about 3 I was setting down a bit firmer. We returned to the home airport. The instructor said he would sign me off and suggested a I practice a few more landings on y own or set up another time with him but otherwise I did fine. I was a bit surprised in a good way.

I haven’t flown since but I am today. I’m getting my privileges reestablished at my preferred airport after having let my account lapse. So it’s a good opportunity for some dual and to work on those landings.