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BFR Update


Just over two years ago, I got back into flying after a 12 year break. I questioned how I would keep active in flying. I did a few of good trips. That adds up to 4. Otherwise I kept to the local area and just kept current.  Well, there was those few months when I did some instrument training.

Here it is July  2013. My medical expired this past May. My BFR was due in June. Will I get current again? What happened to my dedication to keep current?

Yes, I will get current again. I intend to do so before the end of the year. I was going to say “before October” or “before Labor day”. I need the extra time to allow me to meet the goal.

Now to the second question: my dedication is still there. My BFR after 12 years took about a month. This one should be shorter.