Dealing with let down

I was originally assigned to a flight line unit and then found out last weekend that I was supposed to be in the a backshop unit (hanger). In the new unit, I will be assigned to a shop that does work I haven’t done before. It’s not the work I was wanting to do but this is what fate assigned to me. There is a struggle in ones life to accept what hand you are dealt and what you really want to do. A patient person knows they can do both and will be better for it. I’ll have experiences that others won’t have and could be more versatile and useful as my career (Military and Civilian) continues to evolve. The point is to not burn bridges with people and understand that I’m in a job that I do not know very well. Therefore, my objective is to learn what I don’t know in order to help me make future decisions regarding items I cannot see now.

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