Taking a break

I’ve suspended my instrument flying lessons. A not too uncommon experience I understand. I don’t have my log book in front of me but I did fill two pages with entries of instrument lessons. 

The summer went well. My family typically takes off for various destinations which leaves me to have the house and time to myself. This allowed me to fly 2 days week and some times 3. In August with the start of school for the kids, CAP events through the first part of October and a big project at work, it became difficult to get up once a week.  When I did fly I wasn’t prepared. I hadn’t studied what I would be doing during the lesson. My instructor and I transitioned to the simulator to reduce costs and allow for more productive discussion. The sim provide some benefit but I didn’t find it as productive as it could have been. Life was distracting me too much.

I’m not surprised at my need for a break. The desire for the rating is there. My lifestyle and commitments just aren’t aligned to support intensive focus and study.

Prior to beginning instrument training, I developed a plan to fly enough to remain “VFR comfortable”. It involved taking a day off work to go fly. I didn’t need this plan so much while doing instrument training. Here it’s a day after Thanksgiving, I have the day off, and a plane is available.  The weather is good. Seems like the right combination of factors to implement my alternate plan.

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