Instrument rating – Lesson 1

Last night I had my first official instrument flying lesson.  It went quite well. It was interesting that is was also my first night landing in over 13 years. That went well too. I was looking for an opportunity to practice night landings with an instructor. I’ll be getting about one of those a week for the next couple of months.

While I did do some instrument flying with an instructor in May, it wasn’t with this instructor or intended to be something to sign off from the syllabus.

I started the instrument ground school in mid April. I haven’t kept up with the studying too much. I watched many of the King videos recently. The final stage exam is Monday. I’ll put the nose in the book a bit this weekend. If I pass it will be by a slim margin. I probably won’t take the actual written until late July or into Aug.

I’m excited and want to not have this rating linger. I’ll put up a page that tracks my instrument training hours like I did for the BFR. Might take me a week or so to get that up.  Right now I’m at 1.3 hours flight and 2 hours ground.

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One Response to Instrument rating – Lesson 1

  1. Karlene says:

    Dan, congrats on that lesson. I think once you’re flying, you’ll get your head back into the books. The instrument license, there is sooo much to learn! 1.3 closer to your goal.

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