I’ve been working on a plan

I’ve been taking an instrument ground school for the past 4 weeks or so. It has been a good feeling to get into the training mode. Kid and Civil Air Patrol stuff have been time consumers. I took a stage exam last night at the end of the class. I feel id did about a 70% but won’t know until next week (maybe sooner).

I developed a plan to remain VFR current: take a day off once a month (probably first Wednesday) and dedicate that to going to the airport and at least getting three takeoffs and landings.  Tomorrow isn’t the first Wednesday but it is the first time I’ll take off to go fly. I’m going with an instructor since it has been since MLK day since I flew. I hate that statement. Never again I say.

I’ve also decided to pursue the Instrument rating with focus and passion. There are pros and cons but here is why:

  • I need to get proficient (not just current). Might as well get a rating.
  • The place I rent from just raised their rates. Not unexpected. It won’t get cheaper.
  • I want to open doors. Maybe a CFI rating someday? Instrument rating is required.
  • There are places I want to fly to that can be fogged in. I want flexibility.
  • When I dreamt of flying as a kid, it was also about flying jets. I may not get that jet rating but an instrument rating would be required. This would be a step toward the dream I wish was reality.

That last point was what sealed the deal. Critics would argue that if I find it hard to remain VFR current now, remaining IFR current to fly into or out of a place with fog will be even harder. True, maybe some trip will have to be by VFR. However, the feeling of achieving a dream can’t be taken away.

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