I’m building a plane

For years I marveled at the people who build their own airplane and fly in it. I never thought of myself as having the patience. It sounds like it can take three to five years on average to take that first flight. For many of the builders, it seems if they completed ten rivets, they had a good day.

Well it was time for me to test my skill and patience. I bought a kit. It is a Cessna 150 and the kit is created by Guillows. http://www.guillow.com/cessna150.aspx

If you clicked the link or know about Guillows, then you know I’m talking about a balsa wood kit. This is still significant because while I have made models as a kid, they were always rush jobs and now I have kids taking up my feel time. I have always marveled at the models that people spend many hours on and look fantastic. I decided to get into model building to test and build my patience skills and to have what I hope to be a form of decompressing (or is it escaping) from the daily grind. I’ll post pictures when I take the time to download them off the camera. The skin will be tissue and will be able to fly powered by a rubber band, electric or gas motor. I’m just going to use the rubber band.

Will this lead to building an airplane I can fly in? One airplane at a time please. We’ll see how this goes. I still need to schedule my next flight to get checked out in the 172S and do the take home quiz. I oversaw an “Aerospace Education Activity Day” with the Civil Air Patrol this weekend. It was a success but not the way I thought it would be. I will have to blog about that experience later. Time spent blogging means less time building models, flying, etc. The way I justify blogging is it is the only record I have of what I have done so when I look back on my years, I’ll have something to maybe trigger a memory.

Yes that is Gorilla glue in the background. Seems to work well.

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