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It took a lot of time


If I have to summarize what I decided would be my next steps, I’d have to say I focused on CAP cadet programs. I did go to the PCAM and CCA  airshows with the cadets. I took over the position of Aerospace Education Officer within the Squadron and am developing a month O-ride program for the Squadron.

I haven’t flown since Sept something. If I was going to fly it would have just been a quick trip to the airport and some pattern work. The days are shorter and competition for the one airplane I’m checked out in is tougher. I’ll stay grounded for a month or two and then get with an instructor to get checked out in the 172SP and knock off the rust.

The monthly O-ride program is fun activity to put together when I spend time working on the project plan.  I’ve been through my list of project management questions (the 5 W’s).

We have a place to meet for a ground instruction. We have a plan for borrowing aircraft from another squadron, I have a list of Cadets and the o-rides they have had already. My main objective now is to put the ground school instruction together and some activities to do while others are flying or if we get weathered out. The intent is to meet regardless of the availablity of aircraft or weather. The CAP Aerospace program has broad spectrum of topics beside flying GA aircraft. There are things we can do with rocketry and robotics.

Once I have something worthwhile to post for the first powered aircraft lesson, I’ll post it in case it will help others.