Why I love the airport

Last October when I attended an EAA meeting at KPVF, I went and joined because I love the ambiance of the airport. Today was a stellar day at the airport. It was hot but a little breeze helped manage the heat. The stellar part was the Air National Guard helicopter from Moffett field (I believe they fl HH-60’s), landed for fuel, a father and toddler son flew to a parade, and another father and son went for a lesson.

The HH-60 was returning from a rescue mission looking for a hiker that had been lost for two days. They found her but after dropping off search crews and picking her up and delivering her somewhere, they needed fuel to get back to Moffett. It was a nice for the 4th of July. A good end for a professional crew.

Before I left for m cross-country to KMOD and KO22, I saw a man and a toddler (maybe 4 years old, still uses a booster seat) takeoff in the Diamond Eclipse. I went on my way to Modesto. When I landed in Columbia, I noticed the Eclipse took off after I pulled off the runway. I taxied back and rechecked my instruments and figured I was about 10 minutes behind him. I hear the Eclipse is faster than the 172. After returning to KPVF and parking the airplane, the father and I talked. Columbia is a neat airport in that you can walk to town and it is an old town from the Gold rush days. He said he went to watch the parade. A father takes his young son on a plane ride to watch a 4th of July parade. Neat stuff.

I didn’t think anyone had the plane after me. Good thing I returned to KPVF on time and refueled. After paying m fare another father and his son (maybe 12 to 14 years) old took the plane I flew for a local flight. The father got a weather briefing and was explaining the process to his son (I overheard him say something about he and his son taking a flight today). As I walked to my car, the two of them were pre-flighting and agin the father was explaining the process.

The airport is special place where interesting things happen. It’s not magic as any pilot knows what is going on. Sometimes you have to be patient to see the neat stuff. That’s why someday, if you want to find me, I’ll be spending my hours sitting in a shady spot at the airport.

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