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I’m current


This evening I flew with my instructor and at the end of the flight, he signed off my BFR. I am now VFR daytime current. I’ll tackle night flight when we aren’t so close to the longest day of the year.

Tonight’s flight was a trip from KPVF to KSAC to KSMF (Sacramento International, Class C) and landing back at KPVF.  I thought the leg to KSAC would be easy since I have been there before. I looked and looked for the airport and thought I was on track. Then my instructor asked me to ask for vectors to the airport. It turned out it was out my right window. I won’t even explain that one. It offered a lot of teachable moments. I was not using the GPS, in part because while I had used it the past, it’s a weird VFR only GPS. I read the manul a couple nights ago. I just figured, I should be able to find the airport with the VOR instruments I had and old fashioned VFR flying.  I’m going to work on finding airports for a bit. Yes, I would have found it just fine, eventually. This was just bone headed. Two miles before asking for vectors, I could have sworn I was scanning where I should have been looking but wasn’t close enough to ID it.

The rest of the flight was fine. I still need to fine tune my process (thought and physical processes). More practice. It will just be a little cheaper without hauling around the intstructor.