Stayed close to home base tonight

Eleven takeoffs and landings. The first time around was a little rough. Tonight was the first time we had a crosswind to deal with. Not much wind but enough to feel it and need to manage it. The second trip around, my instructor did the whole loop. That helped. I observed the sight picture, rpm, airspeed, etc more and then mimic’d the pattern the next few times. There were a few times when the instructor pulled the power after take off and abeam the numbers. We did a no flap landing. I had some nice landings. The worst were when something was thrown in that was out of the norm. That tells me I still need to work on adjusting my plans and patterns when something is different than textbook situations. I made successful landings even with a change to the norm.


* Remember the normal flow of events. Study the adjustments to be made given a change to the norm (airspeed indicator out, flaps inop, engine out)

* On final, extend the center line to my position and stay on top of it even it it seems I’m a bit to the right. I tend to land left of the center line.

* Once on final, establish the airspeed (65 kts) and then adjust power to manage the altitude.

Next flight

The plan is to go to two or three other airports. I’ll get the airports a day or two before the lesson to plan the route. Need a good method to write out my flight plan (not the one I would file for a long cross country) and get used to where information is located on my paper. Also, I should have a good system in place in case the instructor throws in a change in plans. Something like enroute to airport C, the airport closed due to a problem with another plane or weather.

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